Extra deep leather furniture for the big & tall.

What exactly is deep seating?

What exactly is deep seating? As the name implies, deep seating is a collection of furniture styles that offer leather furniture for the big & tall that is between 3″ and 8″ deeper than similarly styled furniture. This additional space allows you to sit in a reclined sitting position naturally, which is ideal for watching TV or reading a book, or take advantage of the extra depth and stretch out for a perfect nap. Offered with both standard and extra wide cushions, you’ll be certain to get the right fit for you room. But be warned, you’ll never want to get up to go to bed again.​


Kingston Deep Leather sectional


Kingston Deep Leather Sofa

The favorite seat in the house.


We first created the deep sectional over ten years ago, responding to our customers who told us how much they enjoyed lying across a sofa, rather than simply sitting upright in a seat.  The result was a seating area over 20% larger than similar styles.  Today, we make hundreds of deep sectionals each year, and each one offers the most comfortable and relaxing seats in their homes.  No formal studies have been done to date, but we’re pretty sure everyone falls asleep faster in one of our deep sectionals.