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Heavily Protected Leathers – great for active households

These leathers are formulated with heavy use in mind, constructed with a durable top coat that protects against spills, stains, and fading.  Special attention is given to selecting hides of similar grain and structure, resulting in a uniform display of the leather’s surface. The pigmented surface of these leathers can vary quite a bit, spanning a wide range of softness and appearance.


Protected Leathers - good for active households

Hides that are finished with living in mind, these leathers are the perfect mix of comfort and softness, but are enhanced with a light surface coat that helps to minimize shade variations and also makes them easily cleanable. These hides are still among the best available, and are aniline dyed with a variety of finishes, from hard wax to a solid pigment coat.


Lightly Protected Leathers – our most natural leather

Selected from the highest quality hides available in the world, these leathers showcase all the characteristics typical of a natural product, including neck wrinkles, bug bites, stretch marks, and shade variations. Fully aniline dyed, these leathers are micro-finished with either a hint of wax or a water resistant top coat.  Because of the nominal processing, these hides are typically the softest and most beautiful, but will have the greatest shade variations.


Our hundreds of leather choices might seem overwhelming, so our trained leather professionals share their expertise with you to narrow down your leather cover selection.  We first help you decide which leather grade is best for your home, whether it comes down to form or function, based on where the furniture will be placed and how it will be used.   Then, we find the perfect color to match your individual decor.  To get started on your own, select a protection level below and see just how many leather choices we offer at each level.

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Top Grain Leathers are among the most durable hides available.

At Leather Creations, we only use the best hides to make your furniture, and that means that nothing but top grain leathers will be covering your furniture.  Some companies like to cut corners by offering split leathers, bonded leathers, or polyurethane surfaced fabrics, but none of those will ever cover any part of your Leather Creations furniture.  Our top grain and full top grain leathers are equally durable and, when properly cleaned and maintained, will last a lifetime.  Leather Creations specializes in full grain leathers from our partner tanneries all over the world. Your furniture will be made in Atlanta, Georgia, right here in the USA, just like we’ve been doing it for the past twenty years.

Top Grain leathers represent 80% of the leathers found in the marketplace today, but that’s only if we are talking about real leather.  Many “leather” furniture stores sell products such as “bonded” or “blended” leather, and that’s not leather to us.  Our suppliers select hides with excessive scars for our Top Grain leathers, and then correct and emboss a new grain structure onto the surface.  This process leaves the leather as durable as before; however, the natural breathability found in uncorrected leathers disappears and tends to make these leathers hotter in the summer and colder in the winter.  These leathers are recommended for office and commercial environments.

Full grain leathers are top grain leathers as well but, because little is done to the hides, they must have minimal scars and surface defects, so only a select few are chosen. Little, if any, correction is required to present the beauty of these leathers.  Because this leather is natural and uncorrected, the breathability of the leather remains, resulting in a product that is remarkably cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.  These leathers are always the most comfortable, leaving the user with desirable skin-to-skin contact.

Leather Creations Leather Collections:

Robusto Collection – Collection of thicker cut Full Grain leathers that are tumbled dried to enhance the natural plump grain pattern.  These leathers are uniform in color.

Robusto Sauvage Collection – Collection of thicker cut Full Grain Leathers that are tumbled dried to enhance the natural plump grain pattern.  These leathers have varying different levels of Sauvage, which offer a slight variation effect rendering the leather natural in appearance.

Natural Collection – Collection of Full Grain Leathers that are either Uniform in color or contain a Sauvage.  What sets these leathers apart for others is their natural drying process that leaves you with a very natural grain pattern that is exactly as it was upon its creation.

Anilina Plus – These Full Grain leathers are set apart by their addition of wax, oils, or both in the dying process.  This leaves the leathers as natural as could be and with certain characteristics that can only be found on Anilina Plus Leathers such as color burst and ashen.  Ashen is what occurs when the solution of natural oils and or waxes are removed due to a surface scratch.  Although characteristic of this look, these can be removed with heat, massage, or reapplication of the finishing solution.  Although no protection is added to this leather collection, the finishing solution provides a barrier for stains making it very useable in most situations.  Assuming the buyer understands the characteristics of these leathers.

Hand Antiqued Collection – This Full Grain Leather collection can be either Robusto or Natural in thickness although in every case, these leathers are hand antiqued which, much like sponge painting a wall, will always give you variation.  This is a characteristic that should be expected in this leather collection.  This collection will always be within the hue as the sample however because of the artisan effect, some areas will be lighter and others darker depending on how heavy handed the artisan is with the hand applied color.  If you are looking for a consistent specific color this is not the best collection for you.

Exotic Accents – This collection can be either Top or Full Grain and come in smaller hides.  These leathers are designed to be the accessory to the piece and should be used in small areas like arms, decks, or any place you want to make a statement.  They offer the perfect touch to enhance the design aspect of your purchase. See sales associate for assistance in where to place these accents.