Reclining sofas & sectionals with reclining seats where ever you want!

You should not be restricted to having recliners where you want.  At Leather Creations, we make your reclining pieces with recliners where you want them as opposed to where the manufacturer puts them.  This flexibility allows you to have up to 3 recliners per sofa.  Plus our over engineered mechanism is designed to withstand up to 285 pounds which is 30% more weight allowance then the typical mechanism.  Its no wonder we warranty them like we do.


Duke Reclining Leather Sofa


Duke Reclining Leather sectional

You tell us where to recline.

Even with our sectionals you are not limited to recliners where the manufacturer puts them.  With very little exclusions, you can put all your recliners on the side facing your flatscreen.  Or maybe just for the King and Queen of the house.  The choice is ours.  With numerous sectional pieces available in just about every reclining style, you can choose the right fitted sectional and put the recliners where your heart desires.